NWA3D  sells high quality 3D printers, filament, and accessories. What sets us apart is that all of our 3D printers come with training, implementation, and quality support.

About Us

We’re based in Northwest Arkansas and are focused on local 3D printing supply and education.

We have excellent local filament suppliers and all our printers come with our service and education guarantee, even if they’re not made by us.

Our goal is to get this emerging technology into as many hands as possible by making it easy to 3D print.

It is our mission to help schools and our local community become national leaders in additive manufacturing application and education.

We hope to accomplish this by providing reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly equipment, and expert advice, to help you build the network you need to be successful in 3D printing.

Planning an event or interested in 3D printing? Contact Us and let’s build the technology community together!


At NWA3D, we want to simplify the process of learning how to 3D print. We teach the solid foundations of 3D printing and troubleshooting so you and your class can jump right in.

The engaging process of 3D printing incorporates every aspect of S.T.E.A.M. learning to help build critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. Integrating this technology into your curriculum can help differentiate your instruction to meet the learning goals of every student in new and innovative ways.

If your school or organization is interested in learning about 3D printing or project based learning, contact us about our free demonstrations taught by certified teachers.

You’re not alone on an island! We want to help you integrate 3D printing into your standards and lesson plans. We also want to connect you with our network of classrooms, so you can collaborate and share educational ideas across the region.

Service Guarantee

3D printing has never been more affordable and practical than it is today. As with any emerging technology, learning about how it functions can be a daunting task, even for the most tech savvy individuals. We want 3D printing to be as accessible and easy as possible so you don’t have to worry about anything but printing.

If you encounter problems we’ll be happy to walk you through a few things to try. If it’s still not working, we’ll meet with you and help you figure it out.

If you purchase a qualifying printer from us and it breaks down, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you until the end of your warranty term.

We stand behind our products and want to ensure you have the best experience possible with your 3D printer and filament.

If you have any problems, contact us or email We’ll get back to you within 24 hours and get you 3D printing!

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